Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blog 4

24 May. We had a pleasant drive From Bob & Debbie's to Kingman, AZ; the temperatures were pleasant and the air clear. We arrived at Gloria Dukeshire's house pretty much on time, chatted a little while and then took her to dinner. A more pleasant and generous lady would be hard to find. We had met only one time prior to this meeting several years ago in eastern Oregon. She and I (Bruce) share an ancestorThomas Purves—Gloria by his second wife, Nancy Hattery, and I by his first wife, Ann Henderson. One of the fortunate things about her is that, like me, Gloria has a passion for genealogy. We shared thoughts and insights into the family's history, but my brain, already tested by traveling all day, was soon filled and overflowing, so I had to say goodnight.

The next day (25 May) it was back in the RV. Again, the weather was perfect: not too hot, not too cold, clear skies, and mostly interesting landscape.

Gloria Baskerville Dukeshire

Gloria & Valerie

I-40 has more trucks than cars
Leaving California: Lovely depth of field accentuated by the thick air.

As we drove accros Arizona and ascended towards the Continental Divide, the geography became more complex as well as the fauna.
There were painted cliffs
The Navaho apparently have no laws concerning the size of signs along the highways.
There were quarries

There were buttes.
There were Volcanic forms.

And there were freight trains running east and west along the entire I-40 corridor.

All in all, it was a fascinating drive, and I am looking forward to the next leg of the journey. But for now, it's getting late. Valerie is now quite asleep. I'm surprised that the amount noise she makes sleeping does not wake her.

Good night for now. I'll soon add my own voice to the chorus of snores. It will surely awake the entire KOA campground.

Gallup, New Mexico

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