Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blog 13

Monday, 27 June
We said goodbye to Betsy in Ann Arbor (Chuck had already left for work before we awoke) and drove to the end of a spit of Ohio land lying east-west in Lake Erie where we set up camp in East Harbor State Park. After resting a bit we called McIntosh cousins to say we had arrived. They invited us to join the gang at Lakeside a Chautauqua village on the shore of the lake.

Tuesday, 28 June
We spent much of the day chatting, renewing old acquaintances and becoming friends with new folks. The list is long and perhaps confusing.
Judy Hammer (since the death of Aunt Elizabeth is the grandam of the group)
her daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren Beth & Randy Bartels,
Hailey & Paige;
nieces Ellen McChesney;
Carol & Jeff Phillips and their children
Joyce & Kent Murphy and their daughter
Jillian & Meghan
and various in-laws who and others whose names and relationships I have forgotten, while maybe not having that extra special drop of McIntosh blood cursing through their veins, none-the-less made us feel very much welcome.

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