Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello, this is Henrietta (AKA Henny),
My mom has been asking me to write something on this blog ever since we left home on this torturous trip. I told her that I don't know how to write and I don't have very much to sayyou might say that this trip has left me speechless. I am clueless as to what we are doing. She said she would write for me, and I could just give her a few random thoughts, so, OK, here goes.
This is the darnedest thing they have ever made me do. Almost every day I am made to get into this vehicle and sit behind my folks. The vehicle sways, bounces and rattles and makes other weird noises. Sometimes things fly down from above. Fortunately nothing has hit me (yet). One time a jug of orange juice fell on the floor and broke. What a mess that was!
When we began the trip I was so scared I just shook and panted. I couldn't stand to look out the front window so I sat looking toward the back of the vehicle (which is appropriately, the toilet). I was exhausted! When we stopped I fell right to sleep and I wouldn't get up until about 2 A.M.. to eat my dinner. The weather was hot and windy and I drink my whole bowl of water every time we stopped.
We have met some nice people on this trip. Sometimes we stay in their houses overnight, which is much nicer than sleeping in the vehicle. Sometimes they have friendly dogs. The trouble for me is that I don't feel like socializing. I am just too tired and worried.
When we set up for the night in a campground, I try to get out of the RV as fast as I can. Some campgrounds have nice grass, but the majority of them have gravel, even so, I would rather lie down on gravel than be in the RV. Mom and dad pull the picnic table close to the RV. I like to lie underneath the table and sleep until it is dark when they make me come in.
I have seen some interesting animals. My favorite are chipmunks, especially the ones that live underground. I had never seen them before. I also saw a snake, bunny rabbits, ground hogs, and, oh yes, buffalo.
The worst thing that happens is when mom and dad make me stay alone in the R.V. I am really scared and I wail my head off. It doesn't seem to do any good. I usually fall asleep, but when they get back I let them know how miserable I have been.
Well, I have no idea when or if this experience will ever end. Am I to spend the rest of my life in this torture chamber? I miss my family (especially Alex, Collin, and Rowan), the chickens and all of my friends. I want to send a “woof” out to Bandit, Floyd, Lizzie, Hannah, Hunter, Jake, and Roxie. I hope that I will see you guys again some day.


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  1. Woof Henny, I hear it is almost over. Hang in there! Woof, Bandit (P.S. The chickens miss you too. They have stopped laying eggs until you return. I don't care much about eggs as long as they keep pooping. Yum. Woof.)